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Oral Presentation

  • 1. Effects of Interspecies competition of two phytoplankton on zooplankton in open marine system by Anal Chatterjee
  • 2. Cyber Attack and Prevention: A Mathematical Approach by Apeksha Prajapati, Bimal Kumar Mishra
  • 3. Formulation and Solution of Vector-matrix Differential Equation in Eigenvalue Approach by B. Das, A. Lahiri
  • 4. Impact of prey refuge on prey-predator dynamics under fluctuating environment by Debaldev Jana, Santanu Ray
  • 5. An epidemic model with vaccination and treatment control for recovery via optimal control theory by Dipak Kumar Jana, Sarbari Samanta, Soovoojeet Jana, Barun Das
  • 6. Impact of prey refuge on spatial pattern formation in a reaction-diffusion predator-prey model by Lakshmi Narayan Guin
  • 7. An eco-epidemiological model of competitive interacting species with Allee effect by Md. Sabiar Rahman
  • 8. Dynamic behavior of a harvested prey-predator model with a stagestructure for prey by Monoj Mondal, Kunal Das, Samadyuti Haldar, Kunal Chakraborty
  • 9. Behaviour of a predator-prey model with nonlinear incidence rate and crowding effects by Nanda Das, Samares Pal
  • 10. Analyses of tri-trophic food chain model consisting of intra-specific competition among predators by Nijamuddin Ali, Santabrata Chakravarty
  • 11. A New Adaptive Controller to Control Chaotic Lorenz System by Partha Roy, Sushanta Ray, Samar Bhattacharya
  • 12. Studies in Dynamics of a cholera epidemic model including Socio-economic status parameter by Prabir Panja, Shyamal Kumar Mondal
  • 13. A Mathematical approach of a pest control management policy through viral infection and natural enemy by Prasanta Kumar Mondal, Soovoojeet Jana, T. K. Kar
  • 14. Dynamical behaviour of an ecological system with Beddington-DeAngelis functional response by S. Sarwardi, N. H. Gazi, R. Mandal
  • 15. Analysis of a harvested prey–predator model with modified LG-Holling type II and sigmoidal scheme in strong alee effect by Samadyuti Haldar, Kunal Das, Monoj Mondal, T. K. Kar
  • 16. Global Dynamics of an Eco-epidemiological Model by Shashi Kant, Vivek Kumar
  • 17. Brane World : Kerr like Black Hole Solution by Siddhartha Sankar Sarkar
  • 18. Modelling and analysis of an epidemic model with multi city transportation by Soovoojeet Jana, Palash Haldara, T. K. Kar
  • 19. Complexity of a delayed viral infection and countermeasure model in computer networks by Suman Saha, Pallav Jyoti Pal, Ranjan Ghosh.
  • 20. A study on ion acoustic solitary and periodic waves in an unmagnetized plasma with superthermal electrons through non-perturbative approach by Asit Saha, Prasanta Chatterjee.

  • Poster Presentation

  • 1. Interspecies competition between phytoplankton and zooplankton in an open marine system in presence predator fish by Anal Chatterjee
  • 2. Approximate Solutions of Air-Sea Oscillation Model using Homotopic mapping Method by P. K. Bera
  • 3. Bifurcation Analysis of SIR Model with Logistically Grown Susceptibles and Effect of Loss of Immunity of the Recovered Class with inhibitory effect by Uttam Ghosh
  • 4. Analysis of Extinction Vulnerability of Species through Stochastic Approach by Bapi Saha.
  • 5. A distribution-free newsvendor problem with nonlinear holding cost by Brojeswar Pal, Shib Sankar Sana, Kripasindhu Chaudhuri