Welcome to Workshop & Symposium!


The objective of this programme is to promote the two main dimensions: teaching and research relating to formulation and analysis of so-called controlled and uncontrolled, quantitative and qualitative, discrete and continuous time nonlinear systems. Recently, nonlinear dynamical problems and chaos have acquired considerable attention for not only mathematicians, physicists, and engineers, but also in many others areas. This is because most of the real world systems are inherently nonlinear in nature and cannot be treated satisfactorily by employing the usual linear systems theory.

There are ample scopes for research on identification of these nonlinear systems associated with, e.g., Biological, Chemical, Medicine, Engineering and Physical phenomena as well as development of suitable mathematical techniques and tools to characterize their distinct features. This workshop will introduce the basic concepts of nonlinear dynamics and chaos, and its broad application in various fields. The objective of this programme is to bring together the preeminent experts in this area from different parts of our country, who are engaged in developing various promising tools and techniques as well as researchers/students from different fields of Mathematical, Biological, Chemical, Medical, Engineering and Physical Sciences, to discuss comprehensive and upto-date information on the tools and methodologies that are available for nonlinear systems.

We firmly believe that they will exchange their ideas and views on the recent developments in nonlinear dynamics and chaos and their applications through close interactions/discussions, lecture sessions, practical sessions and offer new perspectives on nonlinear dynamics and chaos.