Prof Dr Md Headayetullah,

This is a welcome call to all fresher as well as to all our existing students for two different reasons. For the fresher, we need to introduce our college very well through our brochure, handouts and similar written materials, etc. Obviously some of the information could also be gathered visually from this gigantic lush green campus. Senior students could be of immense help to assist their younger friends so that seniors could also practice a market approach where dissemination of information has to be undertaken by all - a sense of sharing makes one feel great. This is the reason that I also call upon the seniors, while I am extending my heartiest welcome to our fresher to a grand journey towards excellent education. For the fresher, it is important to know that we have a group of very bright and vibrant faculty members, who are ready to help them in all their endeavors to learn fundamental subjects effectively. This is the year of making the foundation stronger for taking the future challenges in engineering and technology. This needs not only constant consultation, but also strong interaction between the teachers and students. That brings me to the next point.


Secondly, it should be clearly mentioned that without any research work, the ability to teach for a given faculty does not really improve in the relative sense. As the neurons in the brain are excited more with the right dose of research activity that will eventually enable the teachers to innovate newer methodology of teaching, the students tend to grasp the subject more and more. So, our faculties are strongly encouraged to do research work and they would like to even recommend to the students of second year onwards to engage themselves in smaller projects so that it comes useful and handy in the campus interviews to strike a point or two. This has tremendous potential in the higher education, particularly in the field of engineering and technology, as the newer technology keeps on evolving by the day. This is the demand of the market all over the world. So, the education is obviously market driven based on the needs of the society. Here, societal connotation needs little further elaboration in the sense that we must prepare ourselves to be socially responsible, apart from preparing ourselves to be great professionals. The "creator" of this institute has already shown a heightened approach of serving societal needs for good education, which can be considered not only as a landmark achievement, But also a great inspiration to all of us for fulfilling our past GOALS.


It is rightly said that "A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement and we are committed is taking constructive and purposeful actions to produce optimistic independent, compassionate long life learners and leaders who will bring glory to the organization, state and Nation". Thank you for entrusting us with the future of your children, for entrusting us to mold and train their minds, enrich their souls and ignite the spark of lifelong learning of them. We welcome parents, students in our institution. Thanking you all!