The Institution provides a separate mentor to counsel, personally guide, and identify students needs and addressing to the needs. They are treated affectionately and sympathetically. They are encouraged to take part in all activities like other normal students and institute provides them special assistance so that they can successfully complete the programmes. The institute also ensures that the classrooms for them are kept in the ground floor to the possible extent for their convenience.

  • Followings are the counselling services made available to the students.
  • Academic Counselling:
    (1) Dean of the Students Affairs regularly visits the class rooms to monitor the attendance of the students. In class he interacts with the students and tries to know if there are any difficulties in teaching - learning process. The Dean also looks after the final year project work, related seminars, poster and model presentation.
    (2) The Academic Cell conducts periodic meetings in order to improve the teaching – learning process.
    (3) The Academic Sub-Committee looks after the departmental issues.
    (4) Faculty members give extra time outside the class room to solve the difficulties and doubts of students.

    Personal Counselling:
    From the very first year every student is under a mentor system. A member from the faculty is allotted with nearly 20 students and he/she looks after their vivid problems separately.

    Career Counselling:
    Our TPO cell is very much active in this aspect. They guide the students on a regular basis and inform them about the various competitive exams, campus drives well as off-campus drives. Every department has a schedule in their academic session for the final year students for developing soft-skills. The schedule also includes group discussion, extempore, practising aptitude (technical and non-technical), interview questionnaire, body language, etc.

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